5D MkII or 1Ds MkII?

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Re: Just went from 1DsII to 5DII

Thanks to all for offering your experiences with both bodies. After reading all posts I have renewed my indecision again and I'm torn between the two. The difference between an excellent 6-7 year old design and another excellent three or so year design, so beside the more or less comparable sensors it comes down to the features and capabilities that best match what you will use the camera for.

The advances in the technology of the 5dII does offer some advantages, one of which I stated earlier which is the video capability and I like live view as well. However, I do like the mass of the 1DsII. I like heavy cameras. I've used alot of video cameras from the most expensive to the really cheap prosumer types and I will take a heavier camera every time.

I'd love to get one of the latest and greatest Canon FF bodies but the price just is too much for my wallet to handle so I have to go used and a gen or two behind. I feel Canon has something up their sleeve. I'm sure they haven't been asleep at the wheel. I think they will deliver a high MP body in the near future and if they do I might have to wait until it is in the last gen catagory.

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