How does a wide gamut monitor effect your printing?

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You are a little confused...

there aren't actually color gamut maps per printer, the gamut maps are for the particular paper with that printers ink.

Thus I'm guessing that you want to compare the possible gamut that can come out of that particular printer you are interested in against a particular wide gamut monitor.

You really need to get the ICC profiles form the printer driver(you will need to install the printer driver to have them show up in the proper place in your operating system). Then you need to download one of the ICC profiles for a certain paper to this free site,en/

to look at it in 3D, you need to also compare it to the ICC profile of your wide gamut monitor to make a meaningful comparison, or to the Adobe RGB profile that is already there.

Bottom line there isn't any printer out there that will even print the full AdobeRGB gamut. let alone a wide gamut monitor that exceeds AdobeRGB.

Bob P.

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