LR4 still inadequate since doesn't have Levels Tool

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Re: PS=file/open and file/save as

billorg wrote:

I know it sounds weird, but I happen to like opening a file the "old-fashioned" way. Lightroom is another world and I feel transitioning to it's workflow is very difficult for those who have been doing this a long time. I know Lightroom is great if you can take a course in it which would help you wrap your head around a different way of working,

Great point well put. l think this is the biggest issue for new LR users. Its a completely different way of doing things. I have used LR since LR1 and am now on LR4.1. I now understand LR completely but it does take take time. It really is only when you come to understand it that you realise that that is how it must be. It would not work as it does if you opened, edited and saved as in other programmes. It is as much a database as it is a RAW converter / editor.

When I started with LR1 I didn't really understand it. I would import RAW photos, carryout raw conversion / editing and then save the edits to the xmp sidecar files and create full resoluion Jpegs. I then removed the files from LR !! Why did I do this ? Because this was the way I was used to working...done my edits now shut everything down. But in LR you keep everything there in the database, in the catalogue to be precise.

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