7D or 60D, upgrading from 10D

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Re: 7D or 60D, upgrading from 10D

If you haven't felt that the 10D has limited you in any way then I don't think you can go wrong with the 60D or the 7D. With that said, the glass you have along with the superior focusing of the 7D makes the 7D a better fit. Particularly for shooting little league sports. There is a price difference and the 60D does offer some better features for shooting video. However, the announced 7D firmware update coming August 7th for the 7D will bring the 7D up to par for the most part with the 60D for video. Myself, I had the 60D for about 8 months. I did like it but I missed the better viewfinder, better build (not that the 60D is built bad) and the overall speed so I sold it and picked up a 7D. Haven't regretted moving up to the 7D at all.

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