Excessive noise with 7D and astrophotography

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Re: Quick demo and advice...

rrccad wrote:

JeffKnob wrote:

Thanks to everyone. I am now sure there is nothing wrong with my camera (it is new so I wanted to make sure), and I just need to turn on the long exposure NR. After that some stacking and/or pp can be done.

nope, looks good .. next thing you'll know you'll be buying a computerized mount and looking at (sorry drooling) over Takahashi telescopes

DeepSkyStacker is a good program to use .. and they have few tutorials on setting up dark and bias frames for stacking.

enjoy! it's an exacting discipline and after a while in it and buying gear for it - you'll come to think of the pure camera gear as being .. pretty damned cheap..

My friend has all kinds of that stuff. He has a Meade LX200GPS 8" with the mount and an equatorial wedge. This and the cameras were connected to his computer. I am not sure what he uses to do the stacking with the dark frames. My camera was attached to the scope that was running piggyback to his Meade. His D80 was connected to the Meade.

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