5D MkII or 1Ds MkII?

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Re: 5D MkII or 1Ds MkII?

Jon Krol wrote:

I'm thinking of adding a FF body to compliment my 7D. The 5D MkIII is way too expensive as is the 1Ds MkIII. Which of the two MkII's would be the better to buy, the 5D II or 1Ds II? They can both be had for around the same $'s depending on condition. All my glass is Canon L so I'm set there for lenses. I would use my 7D for tele stuff and the FF for my wide lenses. I don't do sports but do airshow photos. Beyond that just general stuff. Any opinions on the two choices?

Firstly, they are both great cameras, so really it comes down to your preferred way of working, and what you value most. Obviously, the 5D II gives you a bit more resolution, higher ISO, and movie support. The 1Ds II by comparison has a faster shutter response, and a very solid feel which is hard to describe other than it gives you confidence that you've got the shot that you intended.

Which is best for you? That's for you to decide, but there is no right or wrong, both are great choices which will give you great images and years of satisfaction.

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