D4 / D800/E - effect of AF illuminator/Speedlite on focus

Started Jul 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
FFBob Forum Member • Posts: 90

The focus-assist was (obviously) turned off on the speedlight(s) and not the D800.

FFBob wrote:

Last weekend had a lot of wasted time because of extensive AF testing with and without a speedlight withh inconsistent results. Yesterday someone mentioned in a post that the focus assist caused this. Turning it off in my D800 solved the issue.

Before we go condemning the D800/D4, I don't believe any camera by any manufacturer has had its AF system subject to this much scrutiny ever before - this has probably existed in previous models as well.

I did not purchase a D4 but will test my D3s soon w/my speedlights and the Quantums more for curiosity because they have worked flawlessly to this point. However for Nikon not to take into consideration the use of speedlights and their affect on AF accuracy in their newer "pro" cams is suspect and an issue they definitely need to address.... especially for those who rely on their expensive products for their livelihood.


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