D5100 - battery life

Started Apr 20, 2012 | Discussions thread
Bill Heiser Regular Member • Posts: 384
Re: D5100 - battery life

There are a few things that would be interesting to know to compare your 800-shot experience with those of us seeing less.

  • When you get 800 shots do you use autofocus?

  • Do you use a VR lens?

  • Do you have preview mode on so you can check the histogram or the 'blinkies' for blown highlights, or do you just hope for the best (or you are very good at knowing the perfect exposure before shooting, so you don't need to check?)

  • Do you shoot Raw or Jpeg?

There are lots of factors which may lead to different results, so it'd be interesting to see if we can narrow down what's causing the low count for many of us.

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