1Dx Review

Started Jul 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
jennajenna Senior Member • Posts: 1,462
Re: every one of you is wrong! :)

I have a m43 camera, ep2 olympus. It's sensor is 50% smaller then my full frame.

I take a pic with my 5d2 with a 50mm at 1.8 (subject 10 feet away)

I take a pic with my ep2 with a 25mm at 1.8 (subject 10 feet away)

resulting field of view is the same (cuz your distance doubles on m43 lenses) BUT the depth of field on the canon will have MORE out of focus area behind my subject.

If i change the aperture on the canon to 3.6 (to match the sensor size difference) - then I get a very similar/identical out of focus area between the 2 cameras.

So now try to explain to me that sensor size makes no difference on depth of field.

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