No second hand value on 5DIII

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Re: No second hand value on 5DIII

amobi wrote:

I know but I have no need for two 5DIII. It was a very tough decision but the more time passes the more money I loose. It was a dumb move on my part.

Yep, with all things electronic, it is best to sell as quickly as possible -- you may not have gotten what you wanted for it, but if you waited a month more, you would have gotten even less.

The 5D3 is no 5D2 when compared to their initial release. I bet if you bought the 5d2 upon it's release and tried to sell it a month later, you probably would have gotten your money back or even slightly more. The 5D2 was an anomaly during it's time though. The 5d3 is just a regular update to a dslr... To most people, not revolutionary enough.

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