1Dx Review

Started Jul 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
David Franklin Senior Member • Posts: 1,060

My description, even by your own definition, is certainly correct, not wrong ! And, your emphasis on your supposedly superior understanding of the issue, with its bold exclamation point, needlessly irritates those who you might otherwise enlighten. You just defined the same parameters that I used to describe the controlling factors for depth of field, and not any others, from a different, but not superior, point of view. The best way to explain this to people is most likely in a fashion which can be most easily grasped, and measuring magnification ratios of real subjects to their projected image sizes, although certainly valid, are not necessarily within the common experience of photo workflow for most amateur, and even profesional, photographers. I am not denying that your defintion works, I am saying that it is not the only road to understanding the concept, just as one person understands the number 100 as composed of ten tens and another understands it as one hundred ones. Please don't make such sweeping generalizations in metaphors about people not seeing the whole "elephant" until you more carefully consider the statements made by others.

Keep learning; share knowledge; think seriously about outcomes; seek wisdom.

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