canon compact 1080p 30 or even 60 fps? ??? Which one

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Re: canon compact 1080p 30 or even 60 fps? ??? Which one

Thank you for the information! I want the 60fps for a little slowmotion recording... and I don't want a 3D cam out of the box, because i want to make the stereo base wider and smaller depending on the object distance...
But thank you very much for your help and tips!

Pete4 wrote:

Also, besides being capable of doing 1080p60, Sony cameras can do 3D out of the box (at least still pics). I think it would be much easier and less expensive to get 3D capable cam from the beginning, but not Canon, I don't think they make one.

BTW 1080p30 is not lower resolution, it is lower frame rate from 1080p60, resolution is the same. As a matter of fact it could be very difficult to tell the difference, since somewhere around 20fps human eye can't see individual frames anymore due to image retention.

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