Is it safe to by an S100?

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Re: Is it safe to by an S100?

Well my tongue in cheek advice is to lie. Just say it got the lens error 2x but you were able to get it to retract... Nothing to lose, everything to gain IMHO unless there is some way they can tell by looking at the internal error logs(?) if it really did happen or not. Odds are they are getting such a flood of them in, they will just fix it and get it out the door then grab the next one from the pile to fix.

And advice #2 is to take a backup camera. Crummy advice, but if you're blowing $8,000 on a trip to Russia do you want to risk any 1 camera failing and having to buy $3 Kodak disposable ones with horrible looking photos?

CameraCarl wrote:

Perhaps we are seeing a difference in the ways that the US and the UK operations of Canon are treating this problem. Too bad I can't find a way to force my US S100 to break before I take a once in a lifetime trip to Russia this fall. Any ideas?

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