17-40vs16-35 for landscapes ? on a 1Ds3 ?

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17-40vs16-35 for landscapes ? on a 1Ds3 ?

Hi there,

Please dont throw stuff at me, I'm reading as much as I can - I'm a long long long time Leica user, bought and used always Nikon in the past but want to switch to Canon.

I mainly use DSLR for landscapes and I dont like the D3x. The D800 specs are impressive but :

1 - impossible to get hold off until 2043
2 - Nikon colours do not impress me - they never did - files look too plasticly
but, more important :

3 - lenses. I dont like Nikon lens lineup; they are overhauling it, doing nice lens but lacking "personality" - sorry best way I can describe it. They are to cynical. I love my Leica ones and I theres a few lens in the Canon lineup that I really like, in terms of what they draw - in the end of the day, cameras come and go, its the lens that stay.

Now, for landscape : getting a 1Ds3 - dont like the handling neither the small factor of 5D's ( so 5DIII as awsome it is, out of the question ) and a wide angle lens :

17-40 L vs 16-35 II ; assuming cost isnt a deciding factor, should I pick the later ?

I'm going to use them at f8 - f11 - f16 ( again, landscapes ) , so I really have no use for f2.8 aperture and the saving of the weight is nice - I'm sure that at f4 or f5,6, the 16-35 beats the 17-40 massively but... at f8-f16 should they be similar if equal in sharpness ?

Apart from Zeiss, am I missing any hidden gems for landscape wides ? 24 TS-E II is stellar and on my radar, but just not now ( € ) since I'm buying a few lenses and that is costly now.

Thanks for the help in advance

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