100-400 image samples at 400mm please

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Re: 100-400 image samples at 400mm please

Hi M Chalkley, I've had both the lenses you're referring to at the same time and ended up selling the EF 400mm f5.6L as there was such little difference in quality it didn't warrant having both. Also the 100-400 is so much more versatile than the 400mm. The other thing that swung it for me was the poor MFD. Hope this helps.
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m chalkley wrote:
thanks martin,
14 & 16 my favourite.
cheers. still trying to deside between the 2 lenses. prime or tele! lol


Martin_E wrote:

Hi, I use the Canon 100-400 lens 90% of the time. If you look at the shots in the India Safari Gallery most of them were taken at 400mm.


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