G1X - Can't complain, it's a fun "Toy"... (PICS)

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Marco Nero
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G1X - Can't complain, it's a fun "Toy"... (PICS)

Some pictures taken over the last four days or so. I guess I'm still playing with this "toy", even though I've had it for quite a few months now.

I normally have this camera set to ISO 800 as a maximum Auto ISO... but for some reason it has been set to Maximum ISO 1600 and I have NO IDEA how that happened. Hence some of the shots have been taken with this ISO.

Some subtle color tweaks, no crops, low pass USM, very subtle noise reduction (Neat Image) via Lightroom4 and Photoshop CS2.

  • G1X - 1/800s f/5.8 at 60.4mm iso400 - (Av-Mode)

  • Railroad tracks near Central Station. I had preset my aperture to f/5.8 to capture (hopefully) more detail in daylight shots if needed... and quickly rotated the Command Dial to Av-Mode as I prepared to walk up the platform stairs. Almost missed the connecting train.

  • G1X -1/60s f/5.0 at 18.3mm iso320 - (Av-Mode)

  • Three green glass Candle holders from IKEA that I have sitting on my desk. - (Av-Mode) + 580EX II External Flash (bounce)

  • G1X - 1/60s f/16.0 at 28.8mm iso320 - (Av-Mode)

  • Silver pendant for my Wife on her Birthday today ...a Thomas Sabo pendant that I saw her admiring a few months ago.* (regular Macro) Taken with the 580EX II External Flash (bounced)

  • G1X - 1/60s f/2.8 at 15.1mm iso800 - (P-Mode)

  • Crossing the ANZAC Bridge at Dusk I had to stick the camera out the window for this one.

  • G1X - 1/200s f/5.8 at 60.4mm iso800 - (P-Mode)

  • My wife Rena at the train station. waiting to catch a train into the city where we parked our car.

  • G1X - 1/60s f/16.0 at 38.0mm iso320 - (Av-Mode)

  • A very small (2.5 inch long) Gemini space capsule model - f/16 aperture gave a very clear view of the majority of the model. Canon 250D Closeup Filter was used with 580EX II External Flash (bounced)

  • G1X - 1/20s f/2.8 at 15.1mm iso1000 - (P-Mode)

  • Darling Harbor at Dusk tonight crossing the old footbridge to get to a restaurant for dinner. I appear to have bumped the ISO up by accident... the camera was set to 'Max 1600' . No idea why because I don't normally shoot at this setting.

  • G1X - 1/6s f/2.8 at 15.1mm iso1600 - (P-Mode)

  • Rena at Dinner - we were the first to arrive and this picture was taken is what seemed at the time to be almost complete darkness. It's a little soft because the noise reduction probably kicked in for this shot.

  • G1X - 1/10s f/2.8 at 15.1mm iso1600 - (P-Mode)

  • The Harbor at Night - (handheld ... probably could have composed this a little better.

  • G1X - 1/60s f/4.5 at 25.9mm iso200 - (P-Mode)

  • Token cat picture - (P-Mode) Quorra the cat. She's still considered a kitten but she's close to fully gown (a small cat and a Russian Blue Cross) - Taken with the 580EX II external flash (bounced)

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