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Sensor size has nothing to do with it, it is the focal length in combination with aperture.
This concerns depth of field, bokeh is more a quality of a lens.

You forgot distance to focal plane is also very important factor for DOF.

Yes, but this is external factor, not a camera property. You can't change distance in camera, but one can change focal length.

And sensor size is affecting DOF. even if you tell otherwise.

Actually a FF has more DOF than a Cropped camera at same distance and focal length.

7D with 50 mm at F2 and distance 100 cm: 2.89 cm DOF
5D II with 50 mm at F2 and distance 100 cm : 4.56 cm

so at same focal length the Full format has more DOF,
But at equivalet focal length is another story:
80 mm is equivalet to 50 mm for crop.
1.78 cm DOF for the 5D II,

well, yes / no. you are correct but really for the wrong reasons.

most simple DOF calculators change the CoC between a cropped body and a full frame camera body (.02mm versus .03mm) which is the same as showing the image on a 8x12" .. with no additional magnification.

However, that's not quite real world anymore.

for instance, viewed at 100% .. a D800 will have less DOF than than 5D Mark III .. a 5D Mark III will have less DOF than a 5D classic. why? smaller pixels = more sensor size magnification while keeping the observer distance the same. the more magnification, the smaller the circle of confusion has to be so that the in focus elements appear "in focus".

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