Poll of those with good AF on their D800/D800E and those with problem.

Started Jul 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
steveperry Regular Member • Posts: 260
Two 800s and a D4 are bad for me

I have a D800, D800e and a D4 - all purchased at different places at different times.

Center AF is very good (although the D800 bodies are not as consistant as the D4$), right Af is pretty close on one D800 and the D4 is dead on. Left AF is just crazy bad on both D800s (like missing it my a foot @ 10 feet) and the D4 needs help as well.

Much easier to see the problem with 1.4 lenses.

Now that there's a fix, they're going back one at a time till all three are right. Pretty frustrating.

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