Buying first SLR the D800 too much for me?

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Michael Kaplan
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Re: Buying first SLR the D800 too much for me?

I think the D800(e) is a great camera for you to start with IF...

you are willing to spend the time to learn how to use it properly. It is not just a fancy point and shoot. It will force you to learn the proper method to hold, shoot, use (etc) the camera or you might not be 100% happy and then might be better off with something more forgiving like a D700. That said it is an amazing camera if you are willing to put in the time. Remember that it also takes a more up to date computer to process the files especially if you are shooting RAW which you should be to get the most out of the camera. It is good that money is not a problem because you will spend a lot of it. Camera, Lenses, Flash, Tripod and other accessories (remote release, filters), Computer, plenty of storage, Editing software if you want to go above the free NX2... It just keeps going on...
Whatever you choose, good luck and enjoy.
Michael Kaplan
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