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Re: G1X Price back up to $799

snapshot09 wrote:

Same on Amazon.com and it falls to #231 in Camera & Photo which indicates the camera is way over priced. Once it drops to around $550-$600 there might be more interest, but until then, there are better performing cameras at a lower price.

Karl R. Josker wrote:

J&R is back up to $799 on the G1X as of posting time.

Snapshot, you are getting pretty annoying in these parts. I would GLADLY pay $699 (or $729) for the quality pics that a G1X takes. We get it, the RX100 is about the same price, and takes about the same pics (though yet to be proved). Some people will still opt for the Canon, which is not overpriced, instead of your AMAAAAZING RX100. Maybe because it has a hot shoe? Maybe because it's not a Sony? Maybe to spite you? We get it, you don't like the G1x. Let us do our thing and discuss our cameras. Go back to the sony forum....you're getting old around here. All you're doing is getting the way of good discussion about a camera that, despite your opinion, a lot of people really like.

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