Alternative to Nikon MB-d12 - Got One!

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Re: Alternative to Nikon MB-d12 - Got One!

Michael Harvey wrote:

The Op says he won't buy any lens that doesn't say "Nikon" on it.
Totally bypassing the fact that there are some better lenses out there.

But will put a plastic, Chinese made, $70 (yes OP, you overpaid) "eBay" grip on his $3,000 camera.
I guess principles can be bought.> >

Y'know...I should expect to see comments like this from arrogant little minds.

That's funny... because it was you that said:

"I'd be lying if I didn't admit to being something of an "optical snob"! I don't buy second tier lenses or other accessories. If it doesn't have a Nikon or Nikkor label on it - fuggetaboutit!"

It was your arrogant little mind we were making fun of.

Still - it's annoying.

What will be annoying is the lag you feel when you hit that grip's button in portrait mode and the shutter release isn't instant.

Be sure to report back when that starts happening on your $49 grip.... because it will.
You should read the reviews.

Which reminds me, make sure the dial adjustments spin the same way as the camera dials... not always the case.

Just another reason these eBay models aren't all that possible, even in the beginner's forum.

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