NEX-7 for wedding videography

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Re: NEX-7 for wedding videography

Thanks for the responses. Clearly, overheating is an issue with the NEX. I would be intending to use the VG10 for any prolonged shooting, such as the speeches.

However, I was after some advice around lens placement/usage. I expect I can use the 16mm with WA adapter for the outdoor shots to get the scale of the venue, and of course all the guests in the group shot. I do not have a crane, but I may improvise using a HX9V mounted on a monopod. Assuming that it is not raining, I live in the UK after all, and it has been a notorious summer so far.

Indoors, I am less sure about, I expect I would be OK with 50mm, especially for any DoF 'portrait' clips like the cutting of cake. I just have no experience with that siutation yet, and it also depends where I can be located, and placement of people, etc. I would probably have the VG10 high and at the back on a tripod to provide some cutaway filler shots... I just took delivery of the SEL50F1.8, so with that and the Canon 50mm 1.4 I am more confident of low light filming. I did use the 18-200 lens to film a band in a pub, which came out OK, but they had specialist lighting. Not sure I could rely on that indoors, despite it being the most versatile lens.

I am really after people's experiences using NEX for wedding videography...

LarryPhoto wrote:

I would go for more wide angle and fast lens, and if any lens over 28mm use a tripod, as I hate jumpy videos. Also prefer an IS lens if enough light for it.

PS - With my 5n I like using the 16mm, or 16mm plus wide or kit lens, or a trippd for longer distance.

Also with movies no need to shoot close and tight, as on a large screen image try to capture more of the backgroud too..

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