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ihv wrote:

oysso wrote:

ihv wrote:

Sensor size has nothing to do with it, it is the focal length in combination with aperture.
This concerns depth of field, bokeh is more a quality of a lens.

You forgot distance to focal plane is also very important factor for DOF.

Yes, but this is external factor, not a camera property. You can't change distance in camera, but one can change focal length.

And sensor size is affecting DOF. even if you tell otherwise.

Actually a FF has more DOF than a Cropped camera at same distance and focal length.

I don't believe so - test yourself:

1. take a shot with an FF camera
2. now crop the same shot in the computer (equivalent to a crop sensor camera)

Is the DOF different?

No. But if take a 150mm on FF and a 100mm on APS-C then you get approx the same subject size in your photo but less dof in the FF photo since you have a longer focal length.

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