1Dx Review

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Re: 1Dx Review

bradleyg5 wrote:

ummm it's just MUCH MUCH simpler to say the depth of field changes with sensor size.

Yes, but it is not correct.

You tell me how in one sentence, to explain why with subjects framed identically on a full frame and a 1.6x crop camera with identical lens the depth of field will be different?

Because the subject distance is different.

DOF is dependant on lens' aperture and focal length what concerns camera parameters; and also of subject distance (not a camera property).

it is the focal length in combination with aperture.
This concerns depth of field

AND?! see even you smart man miss key variable, focusing distance.

Subject distance is not a property of a camera we were discussing about. Yes, it affects DOF, that I agree.

The sensor sizes changes the focusing distance you will need to use to get equivalent framing and this changes depth of field. It's one step removed and vastly more understandable to just say depth of field is affected by sensor size, since in usage it is.

Yes, easier to grasp but nevertheless not correct. I was not really discussing what is appropriate.

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