GH2 vs EM5 RAW Base ISO Image Noise Comparison

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Re: That Explains it

Anders W wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

texinwien wrote:

I originally used 1/4000 seconds for the black frame shots. I still have the RAWs and just double-checked.

Thanks for the information. Have a memory of a RawDigger ISO=200 result similar to yours (slightly lower value of Std. Dev. of E-M5 noise) resulting from a 1/4000 Second Shutter Time dark-shot. Could not remember if that had been your (or possibly another poster's) reported data.

I doubt that the shutter speed makes much difference.

But ... you were the person who told me that my chosen 0.4 Second Shutter Time was too long, and that the "cool guys" like Emil Martinec all used the shortest possible Shutter Times (such as 1/4000 Second) ...

But there is greater risk of pure measurement error if you look at the clipped read-noise distribution as you do with the default black level in RawDigger. The first thing to check is if the figures match reasonably well when the black level is moved to zero so as to disclose the whole read noise distribution.

The Standard Deviation of the RGBG channels all go to 1.0 when that is the case. (Tongue placed firmly in cheek), I do try to keep my "measurement error" as "pure" as possible at all times ...

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