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Re: K-30 first pics

Congratulations on your first DSLR, Vikkytd. The K-5 is also my first DSLR, so we're in a similar situation, although I've had my K-5 for 2 days short of a year, now.

Your pics looked great, and I'm sure you'll get a lot of enjoyment out of the K-30.

As for where the K-30 stands in comparison to the K-5, I've read at least one comprehensive, hand-on review of the K-30, and from what I've read it has a few features the K-5 is missing, such as Focus Peeking and apparently a somewhat sharper sensor. Then again, it's also missing some elements of the K-5, including the top LED, but even more importantly, from the review I read, according to Pentax's own specs, it has only a 3-stop image stabilization vs. 4 stops for the K-5.

So you gain some things and you lose some things. It looks like a great second camera for those who want the top-of-the-line, as well. If money wasn't so tight for me, I'm sure I'd get one. But as it stands, I'm still waiting to see what Pentax replaces the K-5 with and/or if they do an "upgrade" to the K-5 (doubtful). As I still want some more prime lenses, the K-30 would take the place of one of those.

At present, however, with the NEW K-30 at about the same price as the aging K-5, I know it's a tough choice for someone buying a new (or first) Pentax DSLR. I'd still get the K-5, if it were me, but I'd have to chew on it a bit.

This is NOT intended to denigrate your choice of the K-30 Vikktyd. My guess is that the K-30 is likely to shoot excellent pics, and possibly do some things better than the K-5. I just have serious aspirations (which I realize I may never fulfill, but I still have them), and I don't think a camera like the K-30 would suit me. If I happen to "find" an extra $900, though, I might get one.

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