5D MkII or 1Ds MkII?

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Re: 5D MkII or 1Ds MkII?

table 5D2 is a more modern camera than the 1DS2, better LCD, slightly higher resolution, little better high ISO capability, has LV, movie mode, with that being said, as the current owner of both 5D2 and 1DS2, I use my 1DS2 10 times more than my 5D2, but that's a personal thing, i just love the 1DS body and it's focusing system, and how it feels in my hand, it's just so comfortable to use, so my 1DS2 and D3 and even the 1D2 are my 'regular camera", the 5D2 is my hiking camera only because it's the smallest and it has good live view and I only use Zeiss and TSE for landscape so that works out perfectly for me, but for regular daily shooting, I don't normally use my 5D2.

You better go try both to see it for yourself, some people hate the big 1D body and love small 5D size but I just personally not a big fan of the 5D style body even with the add-on on vertical grip, and not to mention how horrible is that vertical grip feel when compare to the built in one on the 1 series body. you got to have a camera you feel comfortable to use when you are out there working all day with them, it' the tool you will be using all the time.

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