"Photog calls on Nikon to stand up to rightists"

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Re: I wonder how it would have went...

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The Japanese national psyche is very sensitive regarding certain moral shortcomings during the war. Comfort women and human medical testing- Unit 731 etc- are both out of bounds. I would not expect any major Japanese corporation to alienate itself by such an insult to the people, government and crown.

Great Bustard wrote:

I wonder how it would have went...if Nikon cancelled a photo exhibition of Nazi Death Camps due to pressure from groups that claimed they never existed.

In Berlin or Tokyo?

A better comparison would be to ask if VW, today, would host an exhibition of images in Berlin taken during WWll in their factories utilizing slave labor.

There are plenty images like that and the Germans were actually forced to go and see the camps as well after the war, so what's news?

But would VW host an exhibition of them in its lobby?

Once they agree to do it they should stick with it.

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