Nikon D90 to OM-D as main system

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Re: Nikon D90 to OM-D as main system

martinib wrote:

I don't do any sports photography, although I do have a 15 month old son.

I think you are on the right track and by the time your son wants to starts playing sports the D90 will be truly surpassed . I offered to buy my wife a D7000 to replace her D90, which in turn would have been my son's up-grade from the D40X and D200. She did not want the deal so my son now has a new D5100, which in many ways, is an up-grade to the D90 and D200.

That said, they fight over the E-P3

Seems like my mind is pretty much made up....

Congrats on ordering the E-M5. Shoot them all and then make your final decision .

Any other comments appreciated.

Have fun and Cheers,

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