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Re: D800e Fireworks Snaps

Sorry, but these are nothing compared to original OP.

Not sure why you stuck your boring ones in his thread?

wasserball wrote:

Joe Josephs wrote:

Shot from my roof 30-40 blocks north of the action. The angle is not the 'money shot' of the Hudson lit up but rather a view over Manhattan rooftops.

D800e, Gitzo legs, RRS B55 head and Nikon 70-300 VR II (VR off).
Full set with EXIF aailable at:
http://www.smugmug.com/gallery/23987385_h9znQf# !i=1946998779&k=L88GvP3
Comments, questions, quips, snips and a frothy cold one always welcome

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I'm not familiar with smugmug to view the EXIF. First, with the buildings in front gives a good perspective of how big the fireworks are. I've shot a lot of fireworks without buildings and other landmarks and they came out boring. So, it's not a bad thing with buildings in the scenes. What I noticed is that the building seems to be out of focus, or you handheld the camera, which you did not. So, I assume that your f-stop wide or nearly wide open? I had a lot of luck with ISO 200 (Nikon base), f8-f16, 1-5 sec exposure. PP with Picasa 3 cranking up the "shadow" to make the sky darker without reducing the brightness of the fireworks. Two attached without buildings. They don't really tell a story.

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Shoot like it's your last day..

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