Airline Carry-On Photo Backpack for DSLR & Equipment - Canon 200EG Too Small?

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Re: Airline Carry-On Photo Backpack for DSLR & Equipment - Canon 200EG Too Small?

Think Tank makes nice bags.

I have the Street Walker Hard drive since I needed to take the laptop. They have a series of "Airport" bags too. Very well made and worth every penny.

I also bought Domke lens wraps for the lenses that fit when not attached for added padding. They are a versatile accessory I even use to store a camcorder mic in the camera bag.

xlr8or wrote:

I really did want to order the Canon Deluxe Photo Backpack 200EG to carry my gear based on the ratings on Amazon, the recommendations in various forum here, and since I'm on a budget. While in Best Buy, I noticed that they had this backpack available at twice the US$39.95 as available on I'm a big guy, (> 300# and 6'1" tall), so I tried it on and I'm sure glad that I did. The pack rode up high on my shoulders no matter how much I loosened the shoulder straps. It rode so high that the chest/sternum strap was at about mid throat level (Adam's apple territory) - needless to say, it would be very uncomfortable to carry equipment around for any length of time with the 200EG.

I'm going on two airline trips next year and need a backpack that can carry at least the following equipment, some of which I plan on acquiring prior to the trip:

  • Canon EOS 60D

  • Canon 24-105L f4L IS USM

  • Canon 70-200 f4L IS USM

  • a 50mm prime lens

  • SpeedLight

  • various cleaning supplies (Rocket blower, etc.)

  • SD cards

  • and maybe a few other goodies

I would like to have some spare room in the pack to put a few other travel items since this would serve as one of my carry on pieces of luggage. I've also been looking at the Tamrac Aero Speed Pack 75 (3375), the Aero Speed Pack 85 (3385), and also the Lowepro Fastpacks 250 and 350, but these are really on the upper end of my budget. Can anyone recommend a pack of this type that would be suitable for what I would like to carry as well as would fit a larger person such as myself?

Thanks in advance!!

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