40-150 + Raynox 150 = razor thin DOF

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Re: Selective focus

nzmacro wrote:

I've never had time to sort out focus boxes on subjects. The all move a bit quick and fall in and out of the DOF far too fast to set anything. Well for me anyway. Flowers are fine, real easy, but not flies, butterflies, etc on the move. Once you start getting to around a 3:1 things happen fast with moving targets. In flight, well AF is never going to work with those subjects even when taken from further back. Don't like tripods much for the same reason for macro, the subjects move around too much.

Anyway, I certainly can't spend the time to set up focusing boxes, that would never work for me. Maybe you have much faster AF, mine won't handle it

That's interesting. Thanks. We have different approaches. As well as AF, I use a tripod a lot (sometimes more in the style of a monopod though).


Nice site. Love the droplets and in-flights, especially the butterflies. Great stuff.

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