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Re: You're right on the money...

mring1 wrote:

I have an E500 which I use occasionally for hiking/camping, given it's size. However, allow me to sneak in an endorsement of the 330, which is my current go-to kit (at least until I can afford an E-M5).

Reason I mention the 330 is that while it was the first camera to use the Pany NMOS sensor, it was very conservatively rated at 7.5 mP, and it used the same TruePic engine as the E500. If you look really closely...yes...it's the Paul Simon Kodachrome you see with the E500. But the 330 + original TruePic (still) does very well.

I like the Kodak sensored cameras, but I have always thought I wouldn't mind having an E-330, because it does seem to render very Kodak-y images, and the live view implementation is interesting. That camera is a very nice bargain these days!


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