NEX-7 or a77

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Re: NEX-7 or a77

Kristopher, I am a little confused by your post. You say the antiquated features are a hindrance, but can you be more specific about what you think you need and are not getting from the A100? If you just want to buy a newer camera for all the fancy features, i can understand that, as I basically did the same thing when I got the A77. I can use all my adapt all and m42 lenses on it (some of them are actually pretty good), but of course I mostly use a modern AF lens for my "event" photography. I came from the Sigma fold, where I used RAW for everything, and now I use jpg for everything because that is what the fancy features work with, and I have to warn you that it is easy to get addicted to all those fancy features. I agree with most of the others, that a DSLR would probably be a better choice in the long run, but you might consider the A65, which has most of the features of the A77, but in a smaller body. The A77 is definitely a hunk to haul around. Oh, well, enjoy your decision, these opportunities don't come around very often.

KristopherMJ wrote:

.... I'm just completely disappointed in it all. I understand it's a great camera, just for my purposes the antiquated features are a hinder to me. ....

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