Strange auto focus behaviour in 7D

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Re: Strange auto focus behaviour in 7D

Yes shamus, unfortunately where I live, there's no "reliable" Canon service. We have the official service, but they aren't just good enough.

I already sent my 7D to the service few weeks after I bought it and they said nothing was wrong, even though they wrote "calibrated AF sensors" on the warranty plate. However, I haven't noticed any improvement at all. It just wasn't reliable, at least not the way I wanted.

But I got used to it, I do get sharp photos now, most of the time, without complains, but today was a complete consistent mess.
Can't wait to sell it and buy 5DMK3, honestly.

Shamus1 wrote:

I've had a 7D since it came out and have never been 100% happy with the AF. I also have a 1DMkIV, 1DMkIII, 5DMkIII... Finally tired of it and sent it to Canon. Surprise, it had an AF issue which they fixed and now it is dead on. Wasn't consistently bad, but enough not to be reliable. Sorry I waited to send it.

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