need suggestion: whether to buy GXR M mount

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Re: need suggestion: whether to buy GXR M mount

I am a bit in the same wagon. I decided to wait to see the next Ricoh M (if any).
Few things prevent me from buying :

  • The body screen IQ

  • The EVF IQ and small size

  • The obsolete sensor

  • The too many useless programs/modes

  • And it is after all just an electronic product

If you are like me, 36 exposures last me a bunch of time, when I take 10 pictures a day that means it was a very good day. So scanning is no big deal, no the problem is I cannot finish the roll and see my pictures months later.

Buying the 21mm is no waste, remember that any digital camera is a piece of electronic and has to be valued as such, means poorly. Even if your camera still working after few years, the batteries won't and you may get a hard time to find one. Also, you won't find in actual products the built quality you get into this 21mm.

Watch, nowdays people buy a new camera every one or two years. They pile up a bunch and have spent quite a lot of money without noticing.

So I have no problem waiting for a camera which could be tempting, the actual Ricoh M hasn't reach that point yet for me.

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