:: Leica Forum Challenge 57: DEEP FOCUS ::

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:: Leica Forum Challenge 57: DEEP FOCUS ::

Dear All,

The theme for this Leica Forum Challenge [57] is " Deep Focus ".

The idea and sample pictures were generously provided by Paul (Paul20).

"Deep Focus" from Wiki:

Deep focus is a photographic and cinematographic technique using a large depth of field. In deep focus the foreground, middle-ground and background are all in focus (sharp). This can be achieved through use of the hyperfocal distance of the camera lens. It is the aperture of a camera lens that determines the depth of field. Wide angle lenses also make a larger portion of the image appear sharp.

Its a challenge to Leica photographers who love their fast lenses and creamy bokeh to stop down and shoot deep.
So less Christopher Doyle and more Gregg Toland ? What do you think ?


The submission period starts from today Tuesday 10 and closes Monday August 6 at 21:00 UTC.
You can post up to three images in each gallery: Competition and Exhibition.

For the Competition gallery you must enter images that you took during the submission period and using any camera, digital or analogue, made by Leica, or any camera with Leica lens.
For the Exhibition gallery, there are no time or equipment restrictions.

NOTE: the long side of each image must not exceed 1200 pixels and the file size must not exceed 500Kb .

Further details on the Challenge Rules can be found here:

Finally, here's the link:

Login as follows (top right):
ID: leica_forum
 Password: leicamadness

To enter your image;
• click on the picture of the gallery you want to upload to,
• when the gallery appears, click on Edit this Gallery,
• go to the Upload Photos to this Gallery section and click Browse,
• navigate to your shot and click Upload Image,
• next click Display This Gallery (at the top),
• click on your picture, when it loads click Edit Image,

• when the edit page loads please fill in the Title and Artist {your DPR forum name} fields (mandatory),
• then click Update Image,

• afterwards post a short message here in this thread: f.i. one in competition [nt] or "Your Title" in exhibition [nt].

That's it, we're looking forward to your fine contributions: so get ready, close your aperture and start shooting ...
Have fun and happy shooting to all !

All the best

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