First studio shoot with my D800

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Re: First studio shoot with my D800 & a question.

Yes he was!

I just tested the D800 at my office w/SB 910.......with the assist turned off the focus was nailed using a variety of focus points on and off a tripod....even the far left dreaded focus point nailed focus. Did not have much time for anything else so I was satisfied the workaround will probably work. Only had the newer 24-120 with me (testing mostly at 85mm) so when I arrive home tonight I will test the other lenses more thoroughly.

Hmm..... I hope this fix is in one of the future firmware updates.


GMack wrote:

FFBob wrote:

Very "illuminating" comment. Last weekend I was experiencing the same focus shift issue with my SB 910.

Tonight I will experiment with turning focus assist off and doing some tests.

Thanks all for the tips.


Bob, I guess Chemma was right (and thanks Cheema.).

I just tried the SB-900 with and without its Flash Assist Light and it does shift the AF point behind the subject if turned "On." I needed to dial in at least a -20 in the camera body to compensate for it, and even a -20 may not be enough either.

I then turned it off and used a bright LED flashlight to light the darkened room target and it nailed the original AF tuning focus point (-3 on the 24-70mm) with the flash turned "On" but the flash's Assist Light turned to "Off." (There are 3 settings in that part of the Assist Light/Flash menu too.).

I don't know how or if the SB-910 suffers from it. May be some oversight by Nikon. For now, I've turned all the SB flash units I have Assist Lights to "Off." I haven't decided if I will bug Nikon Service about it yet. They may say "Your SB-900 units are too old now" too if they cannot adjust them, but maybe they can?

Seems the more AF stuff they toss into these things, the more stuff goes wrong if one should stumble over it.


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