Fuji EF-X20 Poor Flash Contact with X10 Hotshoe

Started Jul 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
vipo cu New Member • Posts: 2
Re: Fuji EF-X20 Poor Flash Contact with X10 Hotshoe

Had the same problem with a x-pro1!
I only got the flash firing without overexposing after cleaning all contacts.

Returned to seller to test with a diferent x-pro1 and 3 other ef-x20, but every combination had the same effect: Not a solid contact between ef-x20 and x-pro1.

Every once in a while (after switching flash and/or camera to on/off) a photo was overexposed, due to loose contact.

Only got reliable contacts with an older ef-20, which uses a rotary knob to fix the flash within the flash shoe.

My seller has returned all ef-x20 flashes to Fuji and called the suport, but no one at Fuji seems to know/confirm the problems.

VERY strange behaviour for a flash custom build to fit with the new x-pro1!

BTW: Firmware is 1.1, camera was reset multiple times ...

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