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Re: omd full of bugs/quirks

Silly thread.

DonSantos wrote:

Here are the list of bugs/quirks I've seen posted so far with the omd. Some are associated with panasonic lenses but I still consider them quirks or bugs nonetheless.

1. banding on 20mm 1.7

Not on mine, but I have not yet needed to go over 1600 given the f1.7 and IBIS.

2. rattlesnaking on 25mm 1.4

Nope. I was able to get it to rattlesnake once in P mode, but has not made a peep on other modes (normally in A priority). It was bothersome on my E-P3, though.

3. the hum

Not even a distraction. I kind of like it now. It reminds me that the IBIS is awesome.

4. lockups with panasonic lenses

Has not happened with my 20/1.7 or 25/1.4.

5. black screen first shots after sleep with pane lenses

Never noticed this, but I do not think I let it go to sleep often.

6. paint chipping off

Nope. No edge wear on mine yet either. I am not worried about this, though. My E-P3 had chips on the hotshoe and wear on the corners... didn't detract much from the cosmetics, imo

7. viewfinder cup falling off.

LoL, what? It is fairly hard to slide off, but I guess I could see where this could happen if a bag opening was tight, for example.

8. inaccurate low light af

It may not yet be as good as Panasonic, but miles better than other CSCs I have tried.

9. mushy buttons

Umm, yeah, they are weather-proof. Actually, the tight layout would bother people more than the button feedback, I think. I was able to adapt just fine.

10. no ca correction with panasonic lenses

Nothing new here and not exactly rocket science to correct in post.

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