Tripod for D700

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Re: Tripod for D700

mukNY wrote:

I am looking at the 190CXPRO4. Do any of you use it (or something similar) with a D700? What would be the biggest lens I could use it with?

I'm using 190XB with D700. It's OK tripod, but I'd say that it's about minimum for D700.

I have used that tripod with Samyung 650-1300 f/8-16 and 70-200mm f/2.8 sigma objectives and it is okay.

As others have said, I'll say again. Get a good tripod. If you buy a good tripod, you can use it decades. It doesn't get old as body does. Get for example Manfrotto 055 series tripod and you will easily use it 30 years.

Tip 2: Also get a good head. Good tripod with poor head is pain to use, and also will be shakier.

I cannot imagine ever needing anything larger than a 70-200. Any help is appreciated!

If you have used 2000+ euro/dollars for body, you should be able to use ~500 euro/dollar to tripod+head. Good tripod will grow with you. And give a growing room to you.

If I would be buying a tripod, I'd get probably get Manfrotto 055XPROB tripod + 498 RC2 head. Or some similar kit.

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