NEX-5 Does Astrophotography

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Re: Superb Astrophotography with NEX-5

Thanks for your comments! I never imagined I would go very far with this hobby, but I can't think of any other hobby that is as limitless as this one. I just wish it wasn't as expensive...

Yes, the 55mm is the 70's vintage Mamiya/Sekor 55mm f/1.4. It is a great lens, the only warning I'll give is that the edges and corners of the frames leave much to be desired. f/2.8 is the lowest I can go without severe lens flars on the brighter stars.

Microsoft ICE is the Image Composite Editor. Basically you just feed it a set of pictures that overlap and it stitches them together. Great for panoramic photos, but was surprised at how well it was able to stitch Milky Way photos. It's brilliant!

The 135mm is also a 70's vintage Mamiya f/2.8. It's aperture blades are stuck wide open so it tends to flare a lot on brighter stars. I've checked about getting it fixed but it costs 3x the cost of replacing it.

Thanks regarding the 3 events, that was amazing to witness all 3 in such a short period.

For the transit, I was using my Celestron C8-SGT with a f/6.3 focal reducer. The reducer allows the entire sun or moon to fit in the frame as it takes the focal length from 2000mm down to 1260mm and increases the aperture from f/10 to f/6.3. I used Baader AstroSolar safety film (ND 5). A picture of the setup:

Here is a link to my photostream if you want to check out all the rest of my astro work with the NEX-5:

Good luck to you, and clear skies! Message me if you have any other questions, I'd be glad to help.

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