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I have a K-r I love and, pending reviews, I can't wait to replace it with a K-30. Why?

  • Better High ISO is extremely helpful when shooting in low light or when you need a faster shutter speed (bird photography for example).

  • Weather sealing - how awesome to not have to worry about rain or splashing or cold or beach or ....

  • dual e-Dials! WANT! I am tired of being in manual mode and having to press a button to select aperture or shutter speed. To be able to set those dials as I see fit is going to be a godsend.

  • K-5 like image quality. The K-r has been a fantastic beginner DSLR for me, but if the K-30's IQ is even close to the K-5, it will definitely be an improvement over the K-r.

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how noisy is the K-30 compated to the K-r ???

Congratulations to your new camera! If you like shooting with SLR you will be happy for sure. However, at least in my opinion, if someone already has any recent (let’s say up to 3 years old) DSLR camera, like I have got my Pentax K-x, there is no reason to abandon such camera and go after the K-30. Definitely I would not gain almost anything in regards of the image quality. The K-30 might focus faster it might deliver cleaner images at the extremely high ISO settings, but frankly, how often my images didn’t turn out nice because of those two factors? In 99% it has been only and only my fault and I wouldn’t end up differently if I had any different camera. So, if you are after better images, then look rather into better lenses. The Pentax DA 18-135 (though I do not have it) is NOT one of them. All the serious reviewers found it as a mediocre one. So, the image quality, which can be delivered by such a good camera like the K-30, will be immediately offset by such a mediocre lens. So, if I had the Pentax K-r I would think at least twice whether to replace it.

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