D5100 - battery life

Started Apr 20, 2012 | Discussions thread
Bill Heiser Regular Member • Posts: 384
Re: What he said

I, too, am in the camp of only getting no more than 300 shots per charge. I'm using the 18-200VRII with autofocus and VR engaged.

I've set C2 to "short" (it was on "normal") to see if this makes a difference (or if it ends up being a nuisance when I'm working with the camera) :).

A couple other things I may try:

  • set Info Display mode to "Classic" rather than "Graphic" in case it reduces processing load on the device & therefore reduces battery consumption a bit.

  • set LCD Brightness at something less than the default of "0" ... if it's still viewable at a lower setting, that'd probably help quite a bit...

  • in situations where battery life is paramount, like on backpacking trips, maybe revert to manual focus. Turning off VR should help, too, though when backpacking I'm also skipping the tripod, so VR is a big plus... a bit of a trade-off there...

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