Exposure Issues with SEL16F28

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Re: Exposure Issues with SEL16F28

D Cox wrote:

John Bean (UK) wrote:

Jerry Canon wrote:

Is there a trick here that I'm not doing? I always shoot RAW.

The "trick" is nothing more complicated than to learn how to meter accurately with the aid of the histogram, adjusting EV compensation appropriately. Then it doesn't really matter which lens you use.

It is generally more difficult to get the right exposure with a wide angle lens, because the images include regions which are very differently lit. A long lens is usually looking at a small part of the scene, all of which is lit much the same.

Boardsy's picture of a trolley car is a good example - the shadow areas are very much darker than the sky and have come out underexposed by 2 or 3 stops - in real life you would easily see detail in those shadows. There is a limit to what a camera can record in one exposure.

A long lens aimed at the shadow area would have given full exposure with details.

Given all that, I wouldn't call the image mysteriously under-exposed though - this was mid-day sun and the shadows were & should be darker than the sky! Obviously RAW (or even from JPG) one could push the shadows & pull the highlights, but overall it's a good exposure as chosen by A mode.

I don't think Jerry would complain about a shot like this. Or maybe he would - can you post an example pic Jerry? Otherwise we're all just speculating.


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