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Re: omd full of bugs/quirks

Complain complain, complain... Sheesh Lets try to balance the equation a bit shall we?

DonSantos wrote:

Here are the list of bugs/quirks I've seen posted so far with the omd. Some are associated with panasonic lenses but I still consider them quirks or bugs nonetheless.

1. banding on 20mm 1.7

At 6400 ISO fer Freak's sake! I really cannot understand why ppl keep bringing this up. It really is only a problem for a very few people who have special requirements.

2. rattlesnaking on 25mm 1.4

Dont buy the lens if you dont like the sound. Plenty others to choose from, and it still works perfectly anyway.

3. the hum

.. is barely noticeable -kinda comforting when you're used to it - confirms it is on and working ok.

4. lockups with panasonic lenses

Well, dont buy those lenses then.

5. black screen first shots after sleep with pana lenses


6. paint chipping off

Has not occurred on my sample. When it does the camera will start to look comfortably well used. Im looking forward to it.

7. viewfinder cup falling off.

Well if you will yank on it. Mine is pretty firmly fixed.

8. inaccurate low light af

Not a problem at all in my experience, quite the contrary.

9. mushy buttons

Price you pay for water protection. You dont notice it after a few days.

10. no ca correction with panasonic lenses

One click in LR fixes that, completely. Or better yet make a preset so when you download from camera its already done before you even see it. It really is a non-issue.

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