Geotagging D800E files, awesome solution

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Re: Geotagging D800E files, awesome solution

Robin Casady wrote:

zsedcft wrote:

To me, the gps4cam still sounds more clunky than using lightroom and a gpx file. Unless you change time zones multiple times a day then it isn't too difficult to change the camera's time zone. Lightroom gpx integration also lets you offset the time so even if you forget to change it, you can do it retrospectively. With lightroom, if you have any outliers because of a duff GPS signal, you can rectify them easily.

I recently tried gps4cam and it worked smoothly and easily. Previous experiences with gpx files were not as satisfactory.

If you don't want a device attached to the camera, gps4cam is a good solution.
Robin Casady

I didn't suggest using a device attached to your camera. GPSlogger for android phones can even email you the GPX file and you just locate it through the interface in lightroom 4.1. The only benefit I can see with gps4cam is that you won't get the timing wrong but, as I said, you can easily offset the time in lightroom if you forget to set the camera clock correctly. GPX importing in lightroom is a 10 second job and doesn't require a seperate program.

If the other program works for you then that is good. I was just offering an alternative that I think is smoother.

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