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Re: photo paper recommendations

I am in the middle of paper testing and have a couple of sample packs from different manufacturers. For gloss/semi-gloss there are 3 Baryta papers that jump out above the rest:

Ilford gold fibre silk is a paper with a 'perfect look' if that is what you are after. That means the surface is very even, and the print has a very microscopic small stipple. Excellent quality. (Personally too perfect for my taste.) This paper has a soft gloss, silk. The other is Harman by Hahnemuhle Gloss Baryta (warmtone). This is more glossy than the Ilford, but certainly not distracting. This paper is just very-very beautiful and well made, you can see it's quality. Although the surface is very smooth you can still see a very soft texture that makes this paper more 'alive' and less mechanical for me than the Ilford. Another very beautiful Paper is the Hahnemuhle Rag Baryta, this paper has a more expressive texture, a soft gloss, and one thing that I cannot find in any other paper: it has depth! Like the ink is glazed on the paper. This is a true art paper. And a very expensive one as well. Ilford and Harman are reasonable priced. I can't say 'you get what you pay for' because paper choice is very personal. Too bad I have such expensive taste..

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