still cant get over dumb ergonomic decision on nikon cameras. Picturea are great tho

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Re: want really freaking bad ergonomics ?

RedFox88 wrote:

wlad wrote:

Check the advanced Canon DSLRs and the buttons that are located on the top of the bodies. Or the totally wrong angle (and cheap quality) of the scrolling wheels.

how rude and insulting. Those buttons on top are well designed. I can use them while keeping my eye looking through the viewfinder and holding the camera.Can you change the settings on a nikon with their switches and levers amid the body? And I'm not sure what you're getting at with the scroll wheel comment. you've probably not used a Canon for more than a moment or a day. Notice i have not said anything defamatory towards nikon. give up the anger and hate and you'll live longer.

You shouldn't let peoples' opinions bother you so much, Red.
He gave his, and he has a right to do so.

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