2.6GHz vs 2.3GHz Macbook Retina

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Re: 2.6GHz vs 2.3GHz Macbook Retina

Lee Beasley wrote:

My 11" MBA is a 1.8 GHz processor with 4MB of RAM, and it's extremely fast. I just love it. I'm really thinking that the 2.3 GHz/16 MB RAM combo would do everything I like to do with no problems, too. I'm not so concerned about the extra HD storage space as I used to be. 256 MB is really OK in a laptop. After all, I can work on a project and then store it elsewhere. I'd like to have the 512 MB SSD, but I don't see it as critical.

I really don't know how you manage, my computers all use gigabytes (GB) for memory and storage calculations these days.

Sorry, it just had to be mentioned.

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